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A Panorama of the scenery around Ipalamwa . At 6000 feet we were often above the clouds at sunrise.Mohammed loading up  luggage for 12.Not the usual wildlife one usually goes to Tanzia to see.Locals at work painting their churchWashing handsIn an agricultural community, corn and beans are staplesSoccer is THE sport in Tanzania. In villages like Ipalamwa real soccer balls are hard to come by.Banana LadyWait! I thought we were in Tanzania?Home visitMaking red bricks for local building.A primary school classroom. The kids are on holiday but the visiting teacher couldn't resist.The soccer field taken over in late afternoon by the big guys who did have a real ball.Shared spaceThe construction wheel barrow. The wheel fell off somewhere along the way but got wired back on. SoThis wheelbarrow actually works.Now you know some Kiswahili.Typical village well.Clay pot. Used to carry water ad very heavy. Now mostly replaced by plasticThis choir rocks!